• Foundation by Prof. P.C Mahalanobis 1932.
  • The foremost Centre in the world for training and Research in Statistics and related fields.
  • Distinguished faculty, excellent Library and Modern Computer facilities.
  • Research work of P.C. Mahalanobis, Prof. R.C. Bose, Prof. S.N. Roy, Prof. C.R. Rao has won ISI a unique place in the world of Statistics.
  • Declared as Institute of National Importance in 1959 by an Act of Parliament.
  • Non Profit distributing scientific Organisation.
  • Empowered to confer degress in Statistics and related fields.
  • Short term "Training Programmes" on "Statistical Tools and Techniques for Business Decisions.


  • To promote the study and dissemination of knowledge of Statistics, to develop Statistical theory and methods and their use in research and practical applications,generally with special reference to problems of planning of National Development and Social Welfare.
  • To undertake research in various fields of natural and social sciences, with a view to the mutual development of Statistics and these sciences.
  • To provide for and undertake, the collection of information, Investigation,Project and Operational Research for purposes of planning and improvement of efficiency of management and production.
Visiting Faculty For Several Professional Colleges And Seminars